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Video poems

Did you know you can now listen to 

Celia Warren reading her poem, Pelican?


You might have come across Pelican in an anthology or read it in this Schofield & Sims comprehension book (isbn 978 07217 1154 6), where a pelican appears on the cover. Now you can see Celia performing her poem. The words appear on the video, too. When you have enjoyed watching the video, look again: can you spot a spelling mistake? A naughty gremlin must have fiddled with the words when they went on to the film, but I hope you enjoy the poem. Click on the book cover above to hear the poem.

*     *     *     *     *

1 Lion_I have a box

3 Lion_A shoulder

from Lion

I have a box
in which I keep
a shoulder I may cry on.
I lift the lid
and there inside’s . . .

Click here to hear Celia reading her poem and find out what’s in the box . . . 

Poem © Celia Warren

Film © Pete Brownlee


Seagull in the Field

Seagull in the field is pattering his feet,

Up goes his tail, down goes his beak.

Seagull in the field sings, high above the sea,

Fish for my breakfast, worm for my tea.

Click here to see the very bird that inspired this poem, and to hear Celia reading her poem.

Poem and film © Celia Warren 2010

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