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NaPoWriMo2020 – Week Two

April 8, 2020

We’re now into the second week of National Poetry Writing Month 2020. So far, I have written a new poem every day or, at the very least, the first draft of a new poem. Have you written any? Sometimes ideas come from very ordinary, everyday things, but how far you take those ideas depends on your imagination. Here’s my poem for today. It began when I was brave (or foolish?) enough to put my hand …

        Down Our Sofa

The button off a shirt Tom grew out of last year.
A spare family cat? (Well, at least, enough fur!)
A coin called a shilling, with the head of a king.
From an old Christmas cracker: a red plastic ring.

Shedloads of glitter and biscuit crumbs, too.
A brush that’s still sticky and pasty with glue.
Granddad’s old pen that he lost years ago.
A brittle brown crocus bulb, starting to grow.

An envelope, empty and folded in half.
From Abigail’s farm-set: a black-and-white calf.
A soft, dusty crisp and two brown rubber bands.
A bottle of lotion to soften Mum’s hands.

A tiny pink dinosaur half in its egg.
A hairy tarantula minus one leg.
The horn of a unicorn, shiny and gold.
Some words from a story that’s never been told.

A wish that was granted, but then left to die.
The happiness held in the glint of an eye.
Part of a dream that someone forgot.
With my hand down our sofa, I’ve found such a lot.

© Celia Warren 2020

Did you notice how the things I pulled out from down the sides and back of our sofa became more and more crazy, imaginative and surreal? If you’re stuck for ideas for a poem, try putting your hand down your sofa and see what you find. Or look inside a drawer, a cupboard or a shed, real or imaginary. See where your ideas take you. Write a poem. Perhaps you might make it rhyme. There’s still lots of April left if you want to join in the daily poetry writing challenge. Good luck!

Please note that all the content of this and all posts on this website is copyright. Please do not reproduce any poem, text or illustration without permission from the author. Thank you.

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