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Keep Safe, Keep Well!

March 12, 2020

As I write I’m getting over a heavy cold and cough – but that is all it is – what’s commonly known as A Stinking Cold. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s almost to be expected at this time of year. What nobody expected was the sudden onslaught of a worldwide epidemic of a new coronavirus. It is worrying as, although it can be dangerous to older people, some younger people, and children, may carry the disease without showing any symptoms. This is why it is sensible to wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face (as germs can enter your body through your mouth, nose or eyes). So it is wise to take precautions. It will help protect you and also avoid infecting others.

The situation called for some ditties, so here they are, fresh off the keyboard.

This is the Way

When you wash your hands,
Remind your dads and mums:
Backs of hands and palms,
And don’t forget your thumbs.

© Celia Warren 2020

… but just in case people you meet aren’t as careful over washing their hands …

As Covid-19 strikes all lands,
For a while the whole world understands
To bump elbows, salute,
Maybe bow (that looks cute!);
We’re advised it’s not wise to shake hands.

© Celia Warren 2020

(Maybe no hugs and kisses either – except with family, pets and teddy bears!)

If you have a dry cough (one that hacks away but produces nothing), or feel feverish with a temperature, or are short of breath, stay at home.

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