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Little limericks

September 1, 2019

… about tiny tots:baby hand




I’m a granny; our daughter gave birth.
And her daughter’s the sweetest on earth.
Though she’s only days old,
Were she measured in gold,
More than thrice her own weight she’d be worth.

© Celia Warren 2019

Our little grand-daughter is actually a few weeks old now – growing lovelier every day. Although she is still too young to smile, never mind chuckle, her arrival has brought to mind another limerick that I wrote some years ago:

All gurgling and milky with slurpiness,
Baby brings up her wind in all burpiness.
Each kicking leg buckles
In time with her chuckles
As she gleefully burbles her chirpiness.

© Celia Warren 2019

There’s nothing like a new baby in the family to set the rhythm and rhyme gene in motion – so I’m particularly proud and pleased to be included in Poems Out Loud! – newly out from Ladybird books. Gorgeously illustrated by Laurie Stansfield, the book includes a CD of contributing poets reading their own poems. To mix metaphors – poetry cries out to be read out aloud, so this is the icing on the cake!

PoemsOutLoud book cover

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