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A robin is for life

January 8, 2019

… not just for Christmas cards. So I share with you this little robin enjoying a new year drink in our garden. The birds often brighten grey January days and, lately, they have been singing as if they knew that spring is just round the corner.

copyright 2019 celia warren

All my life the school term that begins in January has been called the Spring Term (in between the Autumn and Summer Terms). Yet this year, for the first time, I’ve seen it named the Winter Term. It seems a great shame to me. It was always the term when the most work and progress was achieved. It was a time for turning over a new leaf, a time for a fresh start – more akin to springtime than cold, fallow winter. For me it will always be the Spring Term, so here’s to 2019:

Blow away the cobwebs,
breathe clear air
for a new lease of life —
away with care:
A clean slate,
new beginnings,
no looking back —
a fresh innings!
A new year
to toot your flute:
make it yours
and bear fruit.

© Celia Warren 2019

Happy New Year to all my readers!

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