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Poetry Zone Party and Book Launch

December 1, 2018

“Everybody who was anybody was there!” Well, that’s not strictly true – there were lots of lovely poets at the CLPE Centre on London’s South Bank recently – but lots of lovely absentee poets, too.

We were gathering to celebrate 20 years of The Poetry Zone, the fabulous online poetry site for children. The site is run by its originator, poet Roger Stevens, and provides a platform for children’s own poetry writing. Roger regularly runs competitions for children as well as showing interviews with poets and children’s poetry-book reviews.

The evening of celebration included readings and performances by a number of established poets – and new young child poets. Many of the poems appear in a celebratory anthology being launched at the event.

Here are just a few of us …PoetryZone_20 years_collage(From top left: Coral Rumble, John Agard, Celia Warren, Colin West, Michaela Morgan, Sue Hardy-Dawson, Roger Stevens, Laura Mucha.)

If you’re a child who likes writing poems and would like a chance to win a copy of this anthology Roger Steven’s Poetry Zone: A Celebration of Children’s Poetry – published by Troika – click here to find details.

Meanwhile, as I love reading poetry every bit as much as writing it, I’d like to share with you this little poem by Tennyson. Everybody who’s anybody (or nobody) should read it. (And if our revered Victorian poet-laureate could write about such an experience, then there’s hope for all of us.) As I wrote the opening line of this blog, it brought the poem to mind:

Somebody being a nobody,
Thinking to look like a somebody,
Said that he thought me a nobody:
Good little somebody-nobody,
Had you not known me a somebody,
Would you have called me a nobody?

by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1896)



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