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For a Change …

September 19, 2018

On 4th October 2018, this year’s National Poetry Day, the theme is CHANGE and if you scroll down you can find two poems that I’ve written about COMPLETE change – that is metamorphosis. I wonder if you can guess which two creatures feature in my poems? But FIRST … have a look at this wonderful new anthology, hot off the press:

I am the Seed that Grew the Tree Anthology Fiona Waters Nosy Crow

I have to call this beautiful anthology a tome – it’s more than a just a book – it’s four-and-a-half pounds of pure delight in word and illustration. Collected by Fiona Waters, and gorgeously illustrated in full colour by Frann Preston Gannon, I am the Seed that Grew the Tree – a nature poem for every day of the year – is likely to become a classic and a daily delight to young and old. All of which makes me very proud to be in it among favourite poets long past, recent past, and present – from Clare to Causley, from Masefield to Mitton – and me! (Click on the link to look inside the book!)

Published by Nosy Crow in association with the National Trust isbn 978 0 857 637 703

Word of warning though: if you’re thinking of buying this as a Christmas present, try and deliver it by hand – it’s heavy to put in the post!

And now for a couple more nature poems. These do not appear in the book above, but they do exemplify change. There is no bigger change than complete metamorphosis, when a creature’s form entirely changes even though it is the same entity. I hope you enjoy these poems, but please note that they, and all the content on this site, are copyright. If you wish to print these poems elsewhere – including online – you must seek permission. Thank you.

peacock butterfly © Celia Warren 2018


Do you believe in butterflies?
a caterpillar said.
Butterflies – that we become
after we are dead?

Another young grub nodded.
I’ve seen one just today:
a lovely butterfly with wings
to help it fly away.

I don’t believe in butterflies,
another one pronounced;
The concept of an after-life
was long ago denounced.

I’ve never seen a butterfly,
said he who asked the question;
The only one I thought I saw
was born of indigestion.

And yet, he persevered, you know
I hold the firm belief,
that though I’ve never seen one
they’re as real as this leaf

And, if we keep on chewing,
and do as we are told,
then we won’t die, we’ll learn to fly
when we are fat and old.

In fact, he said, it seems to me
that flying would be super.
With that he yawned and spun around
and turned into a pupa.

The other caterpillars stared:
their hopeful friend look dead.
He has no wings; he cannot fly,
one to another said.

They crawled away and never saw
what happened by and by:
The pupa split and there emerged
a brand new butterfly.

© Celia Warren 2018

And now, one final nature poem about change …

Frogspawn in the Pond

What lies beyond
frogspawn in the pond?

   Tons of tiny tadpoles.

What lies beyond
tadpoles in the pond?© Celia Warren 2018

   Lots of little frogs.

What lies beyond
frogs in the pond?

   Lots more frogspawn.

What lies beyond
frogspawn in the pond?

© Celia Warren 2018


Enjoy National Poetry Day!

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