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Fabulous pictures to illustrate poems

June 4, 2018

It’s been rather quiet on this website-blog lately, but it’s only because I’ve been so busy. Here I am sharing some of my poems recently in Chew Magna, Somerset. Meanwhile, a performing at Chew Magna circle select  I’ve been enjoying how sometimes my poems inspire pictures. Here, eight-year-old Lucy has added a beautiful dimension to some of my poems with her pictures.

turtle poem illustrated by Lucy June 2018

And, below, is a picture of the star of my poem Lion, that begins:

I have a box
in which I keep
a shoulder I may cry on.
I lift the lid
and there inside’s
a large and lovely lion …

You can hear me perform the whole poem here.

Lion illustration by Lucy + tagline a

(I like the caring way that Lucy has added air-holes to the lion’s box – very sensible and thoughtful – although, as he is a magic lion, he will always be fine in his magic box.)

I hope to share more of Lucy’s lovely illustrations another day.

Meanwhile, if you have drawn a picture of one of my poems, and would like it to appear on this website, please do send me a jpeg copy.





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