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A Nice Day … for Ducks!

January 24, 2018

It’s a grey, wet and windy January day. I’m in the third week of a severe cough and cold, and I’ve lost my voice. But one of the great things about being a writer is that, actually, you never lose your voice: the printed word on the blank page IS your voice!

tractor trail muddy puddle field Strete.jpg

Those of you who are familiar with my writing will know that I love playing with words. So today I am going to share a couple of poems with you – one new, and one that I wrote a few years ago, but that was inspired by my feeling miserable and poorly with a virus. Writing it made me feel better. And if you have a bad cough or cold, then reading it might make you feel better, too.

The first poem first: I should explain that, when I was at school a zillion years ago, there were two words that were more or less banned from our writing. One was ‘got’ (still a word I don’t much like) and the other was ‘nice’. “There are always better words than nice,” teachers told us.

In all living languages words change their meaning. ‘Nice’ originally meant ‘precise’ or ‘refined’, so a ‘fine distinction’ (between two things) might be a ‘nice point’. Nowadays, it can mean anything from ‘satisfactory’ to ‘pleasant’ – or ‘very nice’ – highly enjoyable! It can be used to enhance another adjective – ‘nice and friendly’, too.

I found writing this poem quite nice!


Despite my teacher’s wise advice,
I do use ‘nice’ – I find it’s nice!
“Exciting adjectives add spice.
There’s often better words than nice.”

Yet ‘nice’ is useful – so precise!
It’s nice and nice to use it twice.
I daresay it’s a dreadful vice,
But as words go, well, ‘nice’ is nice.

And even when the weather’s sunny
(Although to you this might seem funny),
“Nice day!” I’ll say, because it’s … nice!
(Unlike a day of gales and ice).

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it twice:
I do use ‘nice’ – I find it nice,
Despite my teacher’s nice advice
that ‘nice’ adds little zest or spice.

© Celia Warren 2018

And here’s my other poem that I hope will strike a chord with any other sufferers from viruses that are not very nice!


Virus does right to begin with a V,
Virulent, violent, vile.
It crosses a virtual invisible line,
It’s wicked and wasting and wild.
V is for victory over each vein,
Each vestige of life it will visit with pain,
DNA-variant, vagabond, vice,
Vengeful, vindictive, a viper with verve,
Verminous, vomitive, cruel as ice,
Vigorous villain attacking each nerve.
I vehemently fight, but it’s vanquishing me:
Virus does right to begin with a V.

© Celia Warren 2018

As with all text and images on this site, copyright belongs to the author. You may only publish or reprint any poem, text or image with express permission from
Celia Warren.

Wishing time away, is not a good thing,
Yet I can’t help thinking Roll on Spring!

Wishing you a sunny month whatever the weather!

first snowdrop colour-popped.jpg

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