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Past, present and future

January 1, 2018

New Year's Day Start Bay + text

New Year’s Day is a time to look forward, but I’m briefly looking back to discover that it is now over ten years since I joined ‘OEDILF’. This is an online international poetic project that sets out to create an online dictionary where every word in the English language is defined by way of a limerick. This popular poetic form is considered an easy form to write in, at least for those who have a good sense of rhythm and rhyme! Each limerick on this social site is required to define a word and its database will soon hit 10,000 limericks and counting …!

Started by American Chris J Strolin, the site has attracted thousands of writers over the years, many still regular contributers. It is an addictive pastime and as members workshop each other’s writing, we aim to write the best verses we possibly can. Current contributors include writers from many English speaking countries across the globe as well as some from France and Germany, where English is not their first language.

Over the past decade I, personally, have contributed 1400 limericks to the dictionary’s database, while our most prolific writer wrote well over 11 thousand verses. (I did mention it’s addictive!) Recently, our Editor-in-Chief was interviewed for a paper in his native US, and already this publicity has drawn some new contributors to the project. You can read the interview here, and learn more about its aims. It’s a fun and friendly site. Whether you write limericks yourself, or simply enjoy words for their own sake, why not pop your head round the door and see that the Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form (OEDILF) is all about?

And for those who are only just waking up to the realisation that a new year has begun:

You do need to catch up! Where’ve you been?
Don’t you know it’s now 2018?
Wish you Happy New Year
(Though you’re lagging, my dear),
By which, wealth and good health’s what I mean.

© Celia Warren 2018

Meanwhile, here’s wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!



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