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Birds of a feather

June 7, 2017

… flock together, but birds of all kinds seem happy to share.

It’s not only in winter that it’s helpful to feed the birds. At this time of year, when young birds are hatching from their eggs, there are more beaks to fill. The parent birds need lots of energy to look after their young, so they need extra food for themselves and to fill all those new, gaping beaks. Here are some recent visitors to our garden feeding station.

Birds arrive – all shapes and sizes;
fill our garden with surprises:
tiny coal tits, three by three,
two young crows who want their tea:
“Serve us now – no ifs or buts –
Sunflower seeds and monkey nuts!”

© Celia Warren 2017

The great spotted woodpecker shuts
Out the world as he gobbles the nuts
That hang from a branch
Where the coal tit takes lunch;
Big and small, both are filling their guts.

© Celia Warren 2017

If you enjoy reading poems about birds and seeing wonderful illustrations painted by members of the Royal Society of Wildlife Artists, then the book for you is the RSPB Anthology of Wildlife Poems. It includes poems about wild animals, too. You never know, it might inspire you to write your own bird, fish or animal poem. If so, and you’re aged at least 3 and at most 18, then you might like to enter it in this competition.

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