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Christmas Riddles and Word Puzzles

December 14, 2016

Here are two new Christmassy word puzzles for you to try and solve:

a riddle and a word-chain.


What am I?

My 1st is in beauty and also in bright,
My 2nd’s in what, but never in white,
My 3rd is in you, but never in ye,
My 4th is in tubby, and also in bee,
My 5th is in laughter, and also in smile,
My 6th is in present, and also in pile.
My whole is so shiny and pretty to see
As it hangs on a branch of my sparkling tree.

Can you turn a star into a bell by changing one letter at a time?
There are clues to help you.

S T A R  (shines in the night sky)

 . . . .    (burn, scorch or scald)

 . . . .    (salty drop from the eye)

 . . . .    (kind of duck; blue-green colour)

 . . . .    (say something to someone; inform)

B E L L  (it tinkles, ding-dong)

Both puzzles © Celia Warren 2016

If you enjoyed these brand new puzzles, you can find a whole book filled with riddles and word chains like this – plus lots more word-puzzles of all sorts in Word Puzzles, published by Schofield and Sims.


If you like word-puzzles, why not try and make up some of your own and see if your friends can solve them?

***Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and Festive Season***


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