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Knitted, writted and fitted!

September 28, 2016

Copyright Celia Warren 2016

Creativity finds many outlets. As well as writing poetry and stories, I enjoy handicrafts – especially knitting and crocheting. I love making up new patterns, too. This month I designed and knitted these glove puppets for my great-nephew and great-niece. Each has its own poem, too.


Mario, Luigi and Dan

Luigi and Dan race as fast as they can
as they drive round the trickiest track.
Soon Mario, too, zooms – whoosh! – into view;
he’ll never stay long at the back.

They whizz down the straight of a figure of eight
and then swing round its difficult bends.
Whoever may win as their wheels whirr and spin
they will still be the firmest of friends.




This little dog’s called Knitonepurlone;
this little dog is Lucy’s.
He lifts his leg at lamposts
and trees – especially spruces.

This little dog will fit on a hand,
especially little Lucy’s.
He’ll warm her hand in winter
and has lots of other uses.

This little dog won’t bark at night
(for which there are no excuses!)
and he’ll (mostly) be quite well-behaved,
cos this little dog is Lucy’s.

Lucy’s dog is lots of fun
and always comes in handy,
but Knitonepurlone‘s rather long,
so now she calls him Sandy.

© Celia Warren 2016

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