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Happy Reading on World Book Day

March 3, 2016


I’ve seen Portuguese flowers
and Portuguese birds,
eaten Portuguese food,
spoken Portuguese words.
I’ve seen Portuguese fishing boats
and their returns,
but I’ve never yet seen any
Portuguese worms!

I’m just back from another wonderful holiday on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Although the land belongs to Portugal, it is a lot further south – a sub-tropical island in the Atlantic. The climate is such that in February, the warmth of the sun is like a British early summer’s day – not too hot, but pleasantly warm. Of course, it is still winter, and the locals, who are used to hotter summers than ours, are well wrapped up against the cold. So tourists from northern countries stick out like a sore thumb: only foreigners would be wandering around in shorts and teeshirts!

Monarch butterfly © Celia Warren 2016As usual, I saw some wonderful sights: Madeiran chaffinches – the same species as chaffinches at home, but different colours – more green than crimson. I saw magnificent Monarchs – the huge, colourful orange butterflies that live there. And there were lizards everywhere, too. It’s a volcanic island. The rocks are black and the soil is red. But, as my little poem says: I never saw a single worm!

Wishing you happy reading on World Book Day.

If you want to find some worms, you know where to look …

DONT_POKE_A_WORM_CVR … published by A&C Black, Bloomsbury

     ISBN 978 1472 900 234

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