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A wet and windy wait

December 4, 2015

… for Christmas!

But while you’re waiting … Why not write your own Poem for  Christmas? You stand a chance of winning a book of poems and seeing your poem in print on the best children’s poetry site ever! For ages 3-18. Closing date: noon on Christmas Eve. Click here for details.

Meanwhile, red berries everywhere are creating a festive mood. Our village church’s wall and weather vane inspired my poem today. The birds silhouetted in my photo are real, even if they look like part of the weather vane!

sou'wester copyrighted image

Many red berries on the church wall.
A strong sou’-wester blows.
Two black birds on the weather vane:
Have they read the N-E-W-S?
Who knows?

© Celia Warren 2015

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  1. December 9, 2015 09,12,15

    Nice poem.

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