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From Pictures to Poems II

October 16, 2015

Three years ago, I wrote a post describing how photographs can sometimes inspire poems. You can read it here.

Well, that still happens for me, but as well as taking photographs, I also like playing with images. I use digital photo programs, such as the widely-used Photoshop Elements. It is great for enhancing photographs or creating illustrations.

Here’s my newest image and poem. The holly was growing in our garden and I held the ornament in front of the leafy bush to take the original photo. I then copied, tweaked and pasted individual holly leaves to create a wreath around the fairy figurine. Finally, I used my imagination to add a poem to complement the image. Here they are:

FAIRY SQUARE © Celia Warren 2015

High in the Holly

High in the holly, with prickly wings,
a small autumn fairy contentedly swings.

When sweet peas and swallows of summer are gone
this evergreen fairy will still swing along.

The sun and a smile on her little round face
show holly, for her, is a wonderful place.

Where we’d prick our fingers, our elbows and knees,
this leafy green fairy is easy to please:

In fine, spiky leaves she will always be jolly,
swinging on high in the bright, shiny holly.

© Celia Warren 2015

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