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September – the season of spiders …

September 1, 2015

Spider's Nest of Eggs in Compost Bin at School House

Spider’s Nest

Spider, you’ve too many legs,
be they eight or eighty –
I do not like you running fast
towards me, being matey.

I do not like you hanging there,
just above my head,
prepared, at any minute,
to drop on quick-spun thread.

I’m fond of dogs and guinea-pigs,
I’m happy with a mouse,
but I do object to spiders
when they come inside my house.

They’re all right in the garden
at a distance – just a few –
and their silver webs are pretty
when they sparkle, wet with dew.

Today inside the compost,
I saw no scary legs,
but, left behind, a tiny nest,
cocooning spider’s eggs.

It looked so warm and cosy
and innocent and still,
it almost stopped me thinking
of what, one day, would spill:

so many baby spiders!
Be they eight or eighty –
long may they stay far from me
avoiding being matey!

poem © Celia Warren 2015

SAVE THE DATE: Next month – 8th October 2015 – is National Poetry Day, when this year’s theme is LIGHT.

TEACHERS and GROUP LEADERS, you can download a pdf assembly plan on the theme of light, and including some of Celia’s poems, from the Forward Press site. Click here for the resource that is written on behalf of publisher Schofield and Sims, especially for the Poetry Society’s educational resources.

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