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The Bee and Thistle

July 13, 2015

The Bee & Thistle Pub Sign

Down the road there’s a pub called The Pig and Whistle,
But I’d call my pub The Bee and Thistle.

Can you think of a good name for a pub or a cafe?

While you’re out and about during the school holidays, play this writing game:

1. Collect the names of all the pubs and cafes you see or visit.
2. Make a list of your favourites, leaving a line between each name.
3. Under each name make up a rhyming name of your own invention.
4. Put your name at the bottom of your new List Poem!


Have you had a go at creating a list poem? If so, well done! Now see if you can take your list a step further and add lines in between to make your poem more interesting. Here’s my new poem:

Where Shall We Meet?

The Pig and Whistle
The Bee and Thistle

Where shall we meet for a drink?

The Magpie and Stump
The Blackbird and Dump

Where shall we linger and think?

The Queen’s Head
The King’s Bed

Where shall we stop for a pie?

The Five Bells
The Seven Cells

Where shall we visit nearby?

The Hope and Anchor
The Rope and Banker

Where shall we go for a roast?

The Horse and Groom
The Witch and Broom

Where shall we raise a toast?

© Celia Warren 2015

You might try using a series of different question words for your extra lines: Who? When? How? Why don’t we …? and so on. Keep collecting pub names and give it a go.

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