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The Joys of Spring

April 2, 2015

© Celia Warren 2015


He doesn’t bring her chocolates,
nor yet a grand bouquet,
but he kind-of wines and dines her,
as that’s the robin’s way
of showing her he loves her;
he’ll feed her when she broods,
he’ll fetch her worms and grubs and seeds,
yes, all her favourite foods.

And when the chicks are hatching,
their helpless beaks held wide,
he’ll help her feed the babies, too;
he’s telling her they’re tied
as one: a pair, together
as long as each survives:
they’re birds of a feather,
sharing busy, caring lives.

poem © Celia Warren 2015

Yes, the male of this pair of robins is feeding the female. This suggests that their nest is built and the eggs will fill it within days. After that, the adults will take turns to feed the young in a hectic 2-3 week schedule. This summer they will have two or three broods, so I guess picking the right partner is quite important.

Meanwhile, let’s hope we all enjoy a visit from the Easter Bunnies, bringing …


If chocolate’s your bag, happy feaster,
Then the bunnies will bring you, at least, a
Few chocolately eggs
On their hoppity legs,
And some savoury hens’ eggs for Easter.

limerick © Celia Warren 2015

If you like poems, drawings and paintings of British birds and other wildlife, then the book for you is The RSPB Anthology of Wildlife Poems. It’s worth its weight in gold.

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  1. April 12, 2015 12,04,15

    awww. Love the courting robins poem. x

    • April 13, 2015 13,04,15

      Thanks. I’d been watching their behaviour for some days before I managed to catch them on camera. And then the poem followed.

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