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20, 40, 60, 80 …

January 2, 2015

…100? How many books do you think I’ve written? Well, I’d lost count, so today I heaved out a big box from under the bed, gently tipped out my books and counted the titles, just out of curiosity. Would you believe it? I’ve written ONE HUNDRED AND TEN BOOKSplus a further few titles that I’ve co-authored with other writers! Well, I was flabbergasted! A few of my books have only been published in the USA; a few others, only in Hong Kong. A further few titles have been translated into French,  with different titles. So Poles Apart, for example, a story about a walrus from the north pole who meets a penguin from the south pole, is called Aux Antipodes in the French version. What fun!

If I’d lost count of the number of books I’ve written, how much more have I lost count of the number of poems? They are countless indeed! But in wishing all readers a very Happy New Year, I thought I’d share my newest poem – the first of 2015. It all began with a drawing I doodled on my tablet … then followed the words. I hope you’ll enjoy these ANT-ics!

Ants in fruit bowl copyright Celia Warren 2015

Ants in the Fruit Bowl

Ants in the fruit bowl,
Looking for a ride,
Find a ripe banana
Makes a super slide;
Spot a lot of oranges:
Climb up on top –
Once they are spinning,
Will they ever, ever stop?

Ants in the fruit bowl,
Playing keeps them busy,
But when they try to march away
They’re all extremely dizzy.
By the time it’s bedtime,
Every ant’s asleep,
Dreaming dreams of fruit bowls
And memories to keep.

© Celia Warren 2015


If you’d like to hear more poems and stories that I’ve written about minibeasts, come to Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery on the afternoon of Saturday, 31st January, where I’ll be joining a day of minibeasts fun! You will also have the chance to buy a SIGNED COPY of my newest book of poems DON’T POKE A WORM TILL IT WRIGGLES.

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