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Christmas Riddle

December 9, 2014

Every day we are one day closer to Christmas. Are you getting excited?

Today I have written a little verse that is more of a puzzle than a poem. Each line gives a clue to one letter of a word that is the answer to a puzzle. In the first line of this seasonal riddle, you will find a choice of two letters. You will discover which of the two letters to choose as you solve further clues. If you have solved such riddles before, move straight on to my Christmas Riddle. If not, I’ll give you an example of how to solve them.

EXAMPLE 1 (where the puzzle letter appears in two words):

My first is in apple and also in tree.

The only letter that appears in both applE and trEE is the letter E, so the answer to the riddle word will begin (my first) with an E.

EXAMPLE 2 (where you can eliminate letters that appear in both words):

My fifth is in now but never in when.

I can rule out the letters N and W as they both appear in NoW and in WheN. So the fifth letter of the riddle word must be O.

Do you get the idea?

Grab a pencil and paper to note down the riddle’s letters – or letter choices – and work out the answer. The verse’s last two lines will give you an extra clue to the whole answer.


My first is in Santa but never in Claus,
My second’s in uncle and also in yours,
My third is in robin and also in thrush,
My fourth is in skip but never in push,
My fifth is in eat and also in pie,
My sixth is in yule and also in eye.
My whole is quite often a part of a feast,
Carved up at Christmas – a two-legged beast.

© Celia Warren 2014

Did you find the answer?

If you enjoyed solving this riddle you can find more – PLUS lots of other kinds of word puzzles – in my Schofield and Sims book called Word Puzzles isbn 978 0 7217 11171

published by SCHOFIELD & SIMS

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