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Remember, Remember, it’s National Poetry Day this week

September 30, 2014

NPD link screenshot

On Thursday 02 October, it’s National Poetry Day in the UK. This week I’m busy with school visits, but even if you don’t have a poet visiting your school, you can still join in the fun – reading poems, old and new, and writing your own poems.

Click on the picture above to find a resource, titled A Time to Remember. It takes inspiration from the Schofield & Sims A Time to Speak and a Time to Listen poetry anthology, and features three separate poems on the subject of Remember, each aimed at a different Key Stage:

At the Sea-Side by Robert Louis Stevenson (Key Stage 1)
The Toll-gate House by John Drinkwater (Key Stage 2)
The Sentry by Wilfred Owen (Key Stage 3).

Or click here to download the free PDF resource.

Meanwhile, you can find a writing workshop on epitaphs, featuring my poem, Dear Snowman, if you click here. It is just one of eight fun resources.

Enjoy reading, writing and playing with words, everyone!


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