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RIP Gerard Benson

May 12, 2014

Today my thoughts rest upon the talented poet, Gerard Benson, whose funeral takes place today. My thoughts, too, are with his widow, also a gifted poet, Catherine Benson. Gerard was not only an excellent writer and speaker, but a lovely, gentle and generous-hearted man. He had a mischievous sense of humour and, a member of the Society of Friends (or Quakers), was also a spiritual, Christian man.

He has left the world a lasting legacy through his wonderful words. It was a blessing to have known him and I feel proud and honoured that, when I was collecting poems for my recent anthology, A Time to Speak and a Time to Listen, Gerard was among a handful of poets who wrote a new poem especially for this book. Thank you, dear Gerard, for Shirts for Us Kids, and for all you shared with those whose paths you crossed.

If you never knew Gerard, or have never met his poems, I exhort you to look through the index of poetry anthologies and seek him out. Let me introduce you to his work, so that you can meet him through his own words. If you would like to read the poem that Gerard penned especially for my anthology, it appears on page 77 or, for a taste of the poet’s whimsical wit, read Whoo-ooo-ooo-ooooo! on page 89.

Gerard Benson, rest in peace.

GerardBenson_2012  Shirts for us kids by GB


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