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Do you Share your Name with a Worm?

May 5, 2014

Apparently lots of people do! At least, a good number of people share names with Wonderful Worms in my brand new book of poems, called Don’t Poke a Worm till it Wriggles. A fair few more could identify with the anonymous worm in my alphabetic poem: A secretive worm is X.

Blackawton Procession + signing 2

Woolly Worm (acknowledged as the real author of the book) and I (the scribe) had a wonderful time at the Blackawton International Worm Charming Festival held on the Sunday of Bank Holiday weekend. The South Devon village was alive with the little wrigglers. A rousing chorus of Nobody Loves me, Everybody Hates me, I’m going in the garden to eat worms … set the mood for a procession through the village. Led by maypole and morris dancers, they finally reached the competitive worm charming event.

Woolly Worm Author  Worm Stall

There are many methods of charming worms – stamping, sprinkling water, playing music and, OF COURSE, reading them lyrical poems. One team was disqualified for digging – tut tut! Then again, the event always supports an official cheat – and a junior cheat. (I did notice the junior cheat looked a couple of inches taller than last year. “Yes, I am,” she said.)

So … do you share your name with a worm?

Anna Worm is acrobatic,
Bertie Worm is brave,
Charlie Worm is cheerful,
a daring worm is …

It’s no good: you’ll have to get hold of a copy of my book to find out!

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