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Competition – Win my Book of Worm Poems!

March 28, 2014

Meet Woolly Worm:   SmilyWoollyWorm&Book

I’ve just finished knitting him and he’s now enjoying reading about all his wormy friends – Slightly Soiled, Humble Worm, Wee Willie Wormy, and lots of others in my new collection OUT NOW from Bloomsbury and called DON’T POKE A WORM TILL IT WRIGGLES.

Now, you may have already heard about my new book on this website BUT – DID YOU KNOW – you now have a chance to win one of five copies that are being given away as prizes in a poetry writing competition for children?

If you like writing poems, have something poetic to say about worms – or any minibeast you like – head over to THE POETRY ZONE for details of where to send your poem to enter the competition. And if you win – please tell me all about it!

If you can’t stand the tension of waiting and hoping, you can always buy a copy of the book from any bookshop and join Woolly Worm as he enjoys reading the poems.

Don’t Poke a Worm till it Wriggles by Celia Warren

ISBN 978 1 4729 0023 4

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