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On National Poetry Day – meet my Water Dragon . . .

October 1, 2013

The theme for this year’s UK National Poetry Day is WATER. So, for 3rd October 2013, when better to share with you my poem about the WATER DRAGON? Try reading it aloud. See if you can allow the strong rhythm of the H2O refrain to keep the words flowing like water. When you’ve read it scroll down the page for some ideas for writing your own watery poems.


The Water Dragon

H2O dear me!
The water dragon’s
drunk my tea!

H2O what a laugh!
The water dragon’s
in my bath!

H2O what a joke!
The water dragon’s
got my soap!

H2O what a howl!
The water dragon’s
pinched my towel!

H2O what a mess!
The water dragon’s
wet my vest!

H2O how weird!
The water dragon’s

H2O that’s that!
No more water dragon!
No more rap!
There’s no more water
in the tap …

© Celia Warren

Try writing your own poem about a watery beastie. You could stick with the dragon theme but change the form of the water, so your title might be the ICE DRAGON, the STEAM DRAGON or the SNOW DRAGON.  (This will alter the character of your dragon – Perhaps he lives in the kettle? Or perhaps her scales are snowflakes?)

Or you might choose to write a story poem about another fantastic character – perhaps the WATER WIZARD, the ICE OGRE or the RAIN ROBOT.

Perhaps, like me, you love the sea, so your watery poem could feature a DOLPHIN or a MERMAID.

Scribble down your ideas first – and list as many watery words as you can think of. (Use a thesaurus to help you find more exciting words.) Think how they might relate to your character. How would the wings of a WATER FAIRY appear? Like dewdrops on a cobweb, perhaps? Would she cry magic tears? What watery name could you give her?

Once you have lots of ideas then begin to draft them into a poem – it doesn’t have to rhyme, but it should have rhythm. Keep reading your words aloud as you write, and check they sound good. If you need an extra beat, or need to lose a beat, look for similar words that mean the same but sound different.

If you would like me to visit your school and share more poems and help you to write your own, have a look at the TEACHERS page.

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