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Star-gazing for National Poetry Day 2012

October 1, 2012

Did you know it’s the UK’s National Poetry Day on Thursday 4th October? And this year’s theme is ***STARS***


As it happens, my next solo collection of children’s poetry is called Star-gazing and comes out in the spring of 2013. It will be packed with lovely colourful illustrations drawn by Helen Bate to go with my poems. Not all the poems are about Stars – but this one is:


See that star through the window?
It disappears by day;
when I’m in bed it stares at me,
inviting me to play.

It twinkles through my window,
to see if I’m awake.
I try to keep an open eye
and give myself a shake.

But every single morning,
however hard I try,
I wake to find the star has gone
because I closed my eye.

No, please don’t draw the curtains,
we like our twinkling game,
although we know the star will win,
every night the same.

poem © Celia Warren 2012

The book will be published by Collins in January 2013 in their Big Cat series

ISBN 978 0 00 746531 6 Don’t miss it!

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