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Olympics London 2012

July 26, 2012

Here are some sporty poems to get you in the mood for the

Olympics London 2012

all poems copyright Celia Warren 2012

At Ancient Olympia

Postpone the wars, by Zeus! Declare a truce.
Now, off with your tunics,  rub yourselves in
grease. There are ribbons and wreaths to
be won by the best athletes.  Can you
wrestle and throw and jump and run?
Try entering the pentathlon. Don’t
leave your chariots at home,
race them in the
Postpone the
wars, by Zeus!
Declare a truce.
The great five-day
Olympics have begun.

Ode to a Javelin

In fields I wield you, javelin,
I yield you with some javespin –

You’re rocketin’, you’re travellin’
So fast and far you’ll javewin.
You’re like a spear, dear javelin,

A mighty, flighty javepin
That tears the air, unravellin’
Your secret strengths, my javelin:

You’re swift, you’re sharp, you’re javethin.
If there is one must-havelin,
It’s – jump for joy – my javelin.

The Iambic Pentameter Event

Will Shakespeare’s gaining pace, for he’s no amateur,
While Milton, on his heels, strikes out in ink,
He’s written four more lines in proud pentameter:
They’re going strong, Team Britain, but I think

They’ll have to watch Italian Petrarch’s pen,
He’s writing nineteen words to every dozen.
Now Shakespeare’s dipping in his quill again –
The atmosphere’s alive, the crowds are buzzin’.

Milton’s looking thoughtful, will the muse
Strike fast enough to keep him in the race?
Oh no – he’s crossing words out – he could lose!
But, wait, he’s now replaced them, saving face.

Their pens are down and Shakespeare’s gained the gold;
For Milton, silver, Petrarch, bronze: all told.

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  1. July 26, 2012 26,07,12

    Celia, I particularly love the iambic pentameter offering — excellent that you chose to describe the event in a Shakespearean sonnet. Thanks for all three poems — how neat to begin with words arranged in the shape of the Olympic torch. And what clever rhymes to “javelin”!

    • July 26, 2012 26,07,12

      Thanks, Mary. I think there once was a poetry-writing event – back in ancient times – longer ago that Shakespeare et al …

  2. July 27, 2012 27,07,12


  3. August 1, 2012 01,08,12

    You deserve a gold medal, Celia, for these great poems!

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