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Fun and games

September 21, 2011

On Saturday 8th October, I will be reading from my new anthology The RSPB Anthology of Wildlife Poetry, at the Cheltenham Festival. It is a family event, so bring along your parents, too. And come prepared to enjoy a little origami, as well as listening to, and joining in with, some super poems.

Meanwhile, we are three weeks into September already – where does the time go? Coming up shortly in the poetry calendar is National Poetry Day. This year it falls on 6th October and the theme for 2011 is Games. I love this time of year. Fifty years ago, I’d have been playing in the school playground at lots of different outdoor games, most of which began with deciding who was It, or who was On. It might have been the chaser in a game of ‘tiggy’ or ‘tiggy-touch-wood’ or we could have been deciding who was going to be Farmer for The Farmer’s in his Den.

One of the simplest dips that we used a lot (in North Lincolnshire in the 1950s/1960s) was: Dip dip dip /  My blue ship / Sails on the water / Like a cup and saucer / You are not It. As this dip contained the magic ‘not’ word, it meant repeating the dip until one person was left who was ‘It’. I liked this dip as it fascinated me in the way in contained a full-rhyme (dip/ship) and a near-rhyme (water/saucer).

Now I’m too old for playground games, but I still like making up dips. They’re handy things when you’re deciding what to have for dinner or which pair of shoes to wear. And I’m not too old to make up new ones. Here are a couple of my very own dips ( dip-poems © Celia Warren 2011):

Dip, dip, daffodil,
Trumpet shout,
Dip, dip, daffodil,
You are OUT.


Dip, dip, jellyfish,
in the sea,
Won’t sting you, so
don’t sting me.
If you do, then
it will be:
Dip, dip, jellyfish,
out goes s/he!

How about making up a dip of your own? You could surprise your friends on National Poetry Day – and maybe even invent a new game to go with it! Have fun.

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  1. September 21, 2011 21,09,11

    Love your dip rhymes! Hope the poetry reading goes well. 🙂

  2. September 21, 2011 21,09,11

    Thanks, Doda! 🙂

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