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Is it a zombie? Is it an alien?

August 13, 2011

No, it’s Honesty!

Honesty grows in the garden
with a face as pale as a ghost.
Once it was rosy, a purply pink;
now it’s as white as a post.

Tomorrow its face will be silver,
like a fairy-coin it will seem.
It will spend its seeds in the soil below,
before it lies down to dream.

Honesty dies in the winter,
as if truth were a thing of the past.
But in the spring, it will burst afresh:
Honesty’s made to last.

photo and poem © Celia Warren 2011


I hope you are having a great summer. Next week from 19-21 August, it’s the annual national Bird Fair, held in Rutland, and I shall be there launching a beautiful new book: The RSPB Anthology of Wildlife Poems. It’s my proudest achievement yet: a beautifully illustrated collection of poems, old and new, classic and modern – a book for keeps!

The launch will take place at 1.30pm on Saturday, 20th August, so do come and say ‘hello’ and hear me read some of the poems if you can make this fun event. (The Bird Fair is such a hugely popular event it has become known as the Glastonbury of bird watchers!) You will also have a chance to buy the book ahead of publication; it is released for general sale on 1st September.


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  1. Bernard Young permalink
    August 13, 2011 13,08,11

    Excellent poem and congratulations on the book.

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