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National Poetry Day 2010 – home, sweet home

October 3, 2010

Thursday 7th October is National Poetry Day, when this year’s theme is HOME. Thoughts of home are unique to each individual. I hope you find something to enjoy here. Why not write a poem about your home? Or your pet’s? All poems below © Celia Warren 2010 … starting with a bit of fun:


Home is where the heart is
The stomach’s in the fridge
The liver’s in the pub and won’t be back.

Parks are where the feet are
The hands are in the sky
The kidneys left last week but send their love.

The spine is in the garden
The elbow’s playing tennis
The windpipe’s gone to London on the train.

Breezes blew the hair off
The bladder’s on the beach
But home is where the heart is
Where the brain is out of reach.

Your own home is where you can enjoy …


To a pig it’s a bucket of swill,
To a sheep it’s sweet grass on a hill,
To a horse it’s fresh hay,
To a bee, a bouquet:
Creature comforts that help us to chill.

And what if your home is an underground burrow?


A low roof, tiny windows and door,
Grandma Rabbit’s rag-rug on the floor.
In the loft we have bats
But no space to swing cats:
It’s our cottage, with room to sleep four.

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  1. October 3, 2010 03,10,10

    Oh, how delightful Celia! And how you make me feel at home with your serious whimsy!

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