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3 little mermaids in 3 little books

September 19, 2010

Shortly to be released from Pearsons publishing house, these titles form part of their new ‘Bug Club’ reading series for schools. Here’s a preview of

The Mermaids and the Dolphin ISBN 978 0 435 91459 2

The Mermaids Visit the Vet ISBN 978 0 435 91400 4

The Mermaids and the Perfect Presents ISBN 978 0 435 91403 5

Here I am  (dressed like John Ryan’s Tom the Cabin Boy) with “The Mermaids and the Perfect Illustrations” (by Jessica Secheret)!

If you want to meet the mermaids, Bella, Jo and Anna, and their respective pets, Twink the fish, Henry the crab and Spark the starfish, then look out for these titles or mention them to your teacher. Your school might order copies.

Why not visit the Bug Club?

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  1. September 19, 2010 19,09,10

    Congratulations, Celia! They look beautiful, and so do you!

  2. September 19, 2010 19,09,10

    Thanks, Mary. I’ve now added a link to the publisher’s Bug Club …

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