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July 23, 2010

Teachers – I’m proud to announce my 12th title in Scholastic‘s popular Read & Respond primary school series, a book providing everything you need to share Michael Morpurgo’s superb novel The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips with your class. The book offers speaking and listening activities, extracts for shared reading, guided reading notes, writing projects, plot, character and setting activities, differentiation advice and assessment guidance.

It was a joy to read the book, and a delight to prepare lesson plans around this modern story of the second world war evacuation of villages in the South Hams. It was especially interesting for me, as I live in the very area in which the story, with its true event background, is set. Indeed, our house bears to this day indentations in one wall from flying bullets, caused during the very incidents described. The evacuation, in 1944, of all residents, was in preparation for the D-Day Landings in Normandy to help free the French from occupation by Hitler. American troops used Slapton Sands to practise manoeuvres and, sadly, lost many brave soldiers in the process, even before the planned D-Day landings took place.

Children – if you can’t wait to read this book at school – the original story by Michael Morpurgo would make a great holiday read, so look out for it in your local library or bookshop. It’s exciting, moving, funny in places and sad in others, with a very satisfying ending. (Your mums and dads will probably want to borrow the book after you: it’s a great read!)

To pre-order its accompanying Read and Respond book, available from September this year, visit Scholastic’s online shop:

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