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Tonight the clocks SPRING forward!

March 27, 2010

Goodbye Greenwich Mean Time and hello British Summer Time: it’s six days since the official First Day of  Spring and we must now put our clocks forward at bedtime tonight. For a few weeks, our lighter mornings  will darken again, but we shall have an extra hour’s daylight in the evening. I’d rather we didn’t alter the  clocks, but I do welcome lighter, longer evenings.   Time is a strangely elastic commodity . . . 


time races when
we are happy,
having fun,
when we
are feeling
sad or poorly,
that’s when time
trickles slowly away

© Celia Warren

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  1. March 27, 2010 27,03,10

    What a lovely poem, musing on the elasticity of time, Celia! (We had to change our clocks here in Tennessee on the very first Sunday in March! I didn’t welcome it — never do like this springing forward and falling back we’re obliged to participate in every year — but I’ve been getting in some nice long walks in the evening sunset, to my personal delight. Think of me as “dancing with the daffodils,” and many thanks to you for the hourglass and to your fellow-countryman WW for that image which he left long ago for our pleasure. I thought of him and of you when I made the photos which are presently on my blog.)

    • celiawarren permalink*
      March 27, 2010 27,03,10

      Thanks, Mary. And lovely pics they are, too …

      • March 27, 2010 27,03,10

        Thank you for looking, Celia. I call them “Nodding jonquils.” The wind was blowing them briskly, and they were hard to photograph as they were bowing their heavy heads in response to its force.

        Hope to see another poem from you, after you’ve actually sprung forward.

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